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Reel Doctoring

Machinery for Paper and Packaging Industries

ETERNA Doctor Machine

High Performance Doctor Machines comprising a range of wide and narrow web.

Since 1997, we have developed and produced winding solutions in accordance with the highest requirements and standards in order to ensure a high quality and efficient winding.
As an engineering company, we work enthusiastically on innovation to implement new features that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our machines are designed to reach the best efficiency and productivity levels.

Some of the added value features that we implement in our machines are:

  • In-line quality control;
  • Vision (web viewing and inspection);
  • Thermo splicing, embossing, compression, cutting, marking;
  • High-speed pattern recognition.

In our portfolio you can also find some other sub-products, used in our solutions, which can also be used in third party winding machines, such as our high efficiency Direct Drive motors, specially designed for applications that require very high torque, angular speed and speed.
We establish long-term partnerships with our customers. Due this reason we provide several services that may help our customers to managing the lifecycle of their machines and maximize the performance levels.

If you want to improve the productivity of your manufacturing process, contact us and find out our solutions.

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