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Automatic Assembling Lines

Innovative robotic lines
for assembling components

Automatic Assembling Lines

We are currently witnessing a paradigm shift in consumer trends.

The consumer will increasingly look for customized products, at low cost and with a reduced time-to-market.
This new reality demands from manufacturers increasingly automated and flexible manufacturing processes.
From solution ideation to commissioning and lifecycle support, we have the experience and expertise to supply our customers with the best industrial solutions for each specific need.

Our experience and customer focus, allied to a digital approach and technologic partnerships, puts us in a strong position to overcome any customer challenge, offering:

  • Risk & cost reduction
  • Shorter Time to Market
  • Higher quality
  • Reduced cycle times

We have a proven record of success with complex and very demanding projects.

Find out with us, how our solutions can help you to adapt to the market demands.

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Applications Automotive Industry Sector – Assembling line for Cockpit Displays
In order to ensure the most efficient process, our lines are developed based on a modular structure, with an optimized layout and sized according to the required assembly operations.
In this example, the line is characterized by its flexibility in terms of layout, because it can take on different configurations, and in terms of product, because it allows the assembly of different models.
Each cell can be equipped with several tools to perform operations such as heat stacking, pressing, fixing, gluing and screwing. Each operation is validated using inspection systems supported by 2D and 3D vision technologies.
The handling of the product in assembly between cells is done through a system of two robots that slide in a rack along the entire line.
Electronic Components Industry Sector – Compact cell for relay mounting
Our assembly solutions allow to adapt to situations of reduced shop floor space without compromising its performance.
This is the case of the example in the image, where our engineering department developed a cell that comprises the various operations, needed for the assembly of an electronic component. The process starts with the manual feeding of the components by an operator, however, from this point all operations such as cleaning, measurement tests, plasma treatment and finally the final assembly are performed automatically. Additionally, this cell also palletizes automatically the finished product.
The solution found, solved a problem of incompatibility between the available area on the shop floor and the required area to mount a conventional line. In addition, the production capacity increased substantially as well as the production flexibility, since it can produce more than one relay model.
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