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Paper Industry

Typically, we are considered as a “One Step Ahead” company with a focus on constant innovation and development of new features and machinery to exceed our customer’s expectations.

More than a Stand-Alone machine, we can offer you an integrated solution in line with the principles of Lean Manufacturing and fully embedded with your manufacturing process.Our solutions range from the transformation of the Jumbo roll into narrower rolls, through our slitters, to the palletization and packaging of the final rolls, through our roll handling and palletization solutions.

Waste can also be fast and effectively reduced by recovering rolls with our Doctor Machines.

Additionally, as a result of several years of experience, we are able to support you in the definition of machines layout, as well as the life cycle management of the solutions supplied by us.

It has been proven that this type of support can maximize your results, allowing you to take full advantage of the assets installed, since it ensures proper training, technical support, original spare parts and access to the specialized knowledge of our technicians.

See our solutions and find out how we can help you.

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