ZSMWW Slitter & Doctor Machine

The ZSMWW is a slitting and doctoring machine for wide web. The key features are energy efficiency, safety, maintenance less, web handling and speed performance.

    Main Features

    • Bidirectional when in doctor mode
    • Automatic slitting positioning
    • Direct drive
    • Liquid cooled synchronous motors
    • Ergonomics
    • Recipe controlled process


    The ZSMWW was developed with the goal to be a single operator machine, the automatic loading and unloading are features in the basic configuration.

    The easy and intuitive operation was not compromised in any way by the safety features.

    The slitting and winding process and all the possible sub-systems are configured based on a recipe, adapting the machine behavior to the material being processed.

    Technical Data

    • Maximum speed   1000m/min
    • Tension range   410N to 2900N
    • Web Width   800 to 1800mm
    • Minimum slitting width   8x100mm
    • Maximum diameter 1900
    • Nominal Ramp Time   30s
    • Web compensation   +-100mm
    • Power consumption   200KVA


    The ZSMWW is a high performance slitter/doctor machine for wide web, it is a versatile platform that can be customized to the client needs in term of process, accommodating different in line processes like web inspection, web marking systems and treatment.