The ETERNA is a high performance winder machine for narrow web. The key features are energy efficiency, safety, less maintenance , web handling and speed performance.

    Main Features

    • Shifta-roll web guidance
    • Winders longitudinal movement
    • Liquid cooled synchronous motors
    • Stroboscopic light for printed material inspection
    • Direct Drive
    • Built-in power and control cabinets
    • Ergonomics
    • Recipe controlled process
    • Wide inspection areas


    The ETERNA workflow is a result of years of experience and developed together with experienced operators. The result is an intuitive and simple but effective interface.


    The winding process and all the possible sub-systems are configured based on a recipe, adapting the machine behavior to the material being processed.

    Technical Data

    • Maximum speed   1200m/min
    • Tension range   120N to 720N
    • Web Width   105 to 400mm
    • Maximum diameter   1250mm
    • Nominal Ramp Time   10s
    • Web compensation   +-75mm
    • Power consumption   15KVA
    • Air consumption   <28l/h


    The ETERNA is a high performance winder machine for narrow web, it is a versatile platform that can be customized to the client needs in term of process, accommodating different in line processes like web inspection, web marking systems and treatment.